Amarjit worked as a professionally qualified pastry chef in Heathrow for over 16 years.
In college she gained her qualifications in Art, so she applied her creative talents to food preparation, serving first and business class passengers on airlines as well as VIPs.

Amarjit always had the talent, but she had 3 young children to support and in a time before social media, it was a huge risk to leave her job and start her own wedding cake business. Thanks to the support of her husband, Amarjit would finally take the plunge and invest it all in her own industrial kitchen which would allow her to bake wonderful cakes as well as spend time with her 3 young sons…the rest, as they say, is history.

From humble beginnings, PJR (named after her 3 boys) grew to become the leading name in Wedding Cakes especially among the Asian community with their unmatched and superior Eggless Wedding Cakes.

Always remaining true to their roots, the PJR family have always maintained the highest level of customer service, treating each couple as if they were family, allowing them to comfortably navigate through the creative process, collectively building a wonderful show piece for their wedding day.

Having served thousands of couples since 1999, PJR has become the household name in Asian wedding cakes. You may not see them on social media or advertising in magazines, but the chances are, you have tasted their cakes and you know someone who has used PJR Wedding Cakes for their big day.

The taste is unmatched, try for yourself.

We wish you the best of luck with your wedding planning. If we can share our experience with you or even be part of your process, please just get in touch.


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